According to reports, Diddy owes New York City $996K for allegedly putting up illegal promotional posters throughout the city.

The mogul is just one of the many in the entertainment industry that was hit with a fine.

City officials say at least some of the heat is on music mogul Sean (Diddy) Combs, hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh, Mickey Rourke’s plastic surgeon and Remy Ma’s defense lawyer. They’re among thousands of people and companies that collectively owe $1.9 billion, the city says. “We are going to find these people,” vowed Finance Commissioner David Frankel. “We’re going to turn them upside down by their ankles and we’re going to shake them until the money comes out of their pockets.” Among those at the top of the city’s scofflaw lists are many who dispute their debts, including Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment, which faces a $996,000 bill for illegally plastering posters around the city.

They would have to put me in jail, because it’s no way in hell I would pay that much for some damn posters! New York City be on some sh!t!


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