Romeo Launches College Boyys Clothing, A Line With A Message

As Romeo Miller finishes up his last year at USC and his athletic career on hiatus due to the controversy over the university's sports program, the young entertainer is switching focuses elsewhere -- one being on fashion.

Romeo is has launched College Boyys clothing, an urban lifestyle brand providing a budget conscious high fashion affordable brand with a message.

While the brand is definitely a business, Romeo is taking a page outta his successful father's (Master P) playbook and giving back to the youth. A percentage of the proceeds of College Boyys clothing will be given back to the communities for at-risk youth programs for education and scholarship funds.

According to its press release, "College Boyys clothing is more than a brand, it stands for something and is making a real difference."

The clothing line is already carried at select retailers across the country, and caters to boys ages 2-7 and 8-20.

It's also endorsed by young celebrities like Lil King and the Fresh Boyys, Jaden Smith, Boo Boo Stewart, Mindless Behavior, Justin Beiber and Big Time Rush.

College Boyys line consists of classy polo shirts, t-shirts, button downs, argyle sweater vests, hooded sweater and jeans. And every hang tag promotes a positive message on the importance of education and going to college.

"When I was a kid, my dad use to write with a marker on my t-shirt, 'I'm going to college' and that imprint stuck in my head and made a difference to me in my life, turning it into a reality," said Romeo. "I want to implant the same positive message to young boys as they dress themselves each day with a feeling of success. They can look in the mirror at themselves with a positive goal in mind for their bright future knowing that going to college can make a big difference in their lives."

The College Boyys brand has a message: "It's actually cool to be smart."


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