Well now we've got the DREAM'S side of things - unofficially, of course. One of his friends sent us the following report: you guys are going way too hard on [The Dream].

I'm not going to act like he was perfect, but there is no way that Christina can act like she didn't know they're marriage was over before last week.

They had many discussions about how things weren't working out. But Christina was not trying to hear it. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones or whatever. But they would have a conversation about separating, and the next time they talk she would act like everything was cool.

But real talk. How could she think everything was OK. The man did not live with her, they didn't spend the Holidays together, and he didn't go to her baby shower.

Just try and put yourself in his shoes, he realized that he rushed into a marriage and he tried to be honest and get out. I know that she's hurt, but she can't act like all this stuff is coming out of left field.

Hopefully your readers will understand and go a little easier on him.


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