Cleveland Brewery Debuts ‘Quitness’ Beer In Honor Of LeBron James

You know people hate you when they name a beer ‘Quitness’ in your honor. More after the jump.

LeBron James‘ hatred continues to spread throughout Cleveland as Great Lakes Brewing Co. has created their own special brew in the ‘The King’s’ honor. ‘Quitness’ is a dry hopped India pale ale, that manages to leave a noticeable bitter aftertaste in the boozer’s mouth after they take a few swigs. It’s definitely a fitting drink considering that LeBron completely b***h slapped an entire state with not just his decision to leave the Cavaliersfor the Heat, but in devoting an hour-long special to it. The company says that about 30 gallons of “Quitness” has already been sold in the three hours it was available on Wednesday.


Via: LA Times


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    grizzy griff (Wednesday, 04 August 2010 14:53)

    damn they goin in on bro

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