Snoop Dogg Bans Men From His After Party

The Drop It Like It’s Hot hit-maker played a set at the Wireless festival in the British capital on Saturday, and booked the city’s exclusive Merah club for his after-show bash. Snoop insisted on a female-only guest list, demanding his security only let women through the door of the VIP area, according to Britain’s The Sun.

A source tells the publication, “Snoop was in his element. He had his own room towards the back of the club and there must have been more than 100 women in there. He had two huge security guards on the door who would not let any blokes (men) anywhere near it. They were even turning away male staff who were ferrying all the champagne his way.”

“Security kept their eyes open and if they saw any ladies they thought Snoop would approve of, they invited them in.”



Source: HHH

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