Lil Kim speaks on possible Rihanna collabo and current hip hop trend

Lil Kim recently talked about her relationship with Rihanna… “I’m a huge Rihanna fan, and she’s a friend of mine, so if I had to guess, I’m 90 percent sure that a song is probably in the works,”. “I look at it this way: if it happens, it happens. And it should be a surprise. It shouldn’t be something that people are anticipating, or have their own personal opinions on it before it even comes out. So I probably won’t ever mention that again…I just love Rihanna, I think she’s great.

Lil Kim recently talked about changing with the times and continuing to remain relevant as a hip hop veteran. “I’m constantly growing, my album came out in ‘97 but I started doing music in the early ’90s. One reason that I’m still here and I’m still relevant to this day – probably even more relevant than a lot of new people who come into the industry – is because I know how to reinvent myself, I know how to change with the times. I think that, no matter who you are these days – you could be young, you could be old, you could be new, you could be an artist that’s been in the industry for a minute – I think it’s all about a hot record these days. I think that’s the only difference I could point out – you know, you could have a hot song back in the day but it may not break through. But now if you have a hot song – it doesn’t have to have a lot of thought behind it, it doesn’t have to be a deep record, you don’t even have to be very talented as long as you come up with something that’s catchy and, you know, something that is now.”






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